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Sudarshan Quick Bind

Self adhesive book binding cloth

Introducing a revolutionary one-of-a-kind Self Adhesive Book Binding Cloth tape for protecting spines of your valuable books. Its highly adhesive properties gives long lasting protection and it also preserves any and every book you possess.

Instant Benefits of Quick Bind :

•  Apply at the time of purchase to avoid torn book condition.
•  Binds and protects your new books.
•  Helps create your own books.
•  Provides a facelift for your old books.
•  Helps recycle your old books.

How to Apply :

Lenght : 12 Meter Roll & 6 Meter Roll.
Width : 40mm/60mm/100mm.
Colours : Red, Blue, Black, Green.

Diffrent Aplications of "Sudershan Quick Bind" :

•  Text Book.
•  Note Book.
•  Legal Documents.
•  Coaching Classess Xerox Notes.
•  Telephone Diary.
•  Rough Paper Pad.

•  Memorandum & Articles of Compny.
•  Cheque Book.
•  Advocate Case Papers Folder.
•  Photo Album.
•  Conference Pad.
•  File & Folder.

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